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ST WiFi Calling
ST WiFi Calling
Call Hong Kong from overseas when connected to WiFi
  • Q1
    Does ST WiFi Calling work with hotel and cafe’s WiFi service overseas?
    A1 Yes. ST WiFi Calling works with any WiFi connection.
  • Q2
    Does ST WiFi Calling work with WiFi connections in Hong Kong that’s outside of my home?

    Yes. ST WiFi Calling works with any WiFi connection.

  • Q3
    Do I have to apply for a new phone number in order to use ST WiFi Calling?

    No. You can use your existing SmarTone mobile number with your personal caller ID display setting to make and receive calls.

  • Q4
    I am currently using 1 card 2 numbers service. Can I use ST WiFi Calling at the same time?

    Yes. Your Hong Kong number will be used for ST WiFi Calling.

  • Q5
    When I am using ST WiFi Calling, will it be counted towards my local voice minutes usage?


  • Q6
    How can I subscribe to ST WiFi Calling?

    ST WiFi Calling is available for free to customers of SuperCare Smartphone Plans; while a day charge of HK$8 is applicable to customers of ExtraCare Smartphone Plan and other designated service plans. A day is defined as 00:00 – 23:59 Hong Kong time.

  • Q7
    How do I know if I am picking up an incoming call through ST WiFi Calling?

    The dialler of ST WiFi Calling will be shown on your phone when you have an incoming call.

  • Q8
    When I am using ST WiFi Calling, what will happen to my incoming calls if I am outside WiFi coverage and do not have mobile network?

    Incoming calls will be diverted to your voicemail. If the caller leaves you a message, you will receive an SMS voicemail alert when you are connected back to a mobile network; or you will receive a call to alert you of the voicemails when connected to the WiFi network. This ensures that you are informed of missed calls in a timely manner.

  • Q9
    How do I know if my ST WiFi Calling fails to log on to a WiFi connection?

    The Call button on the dialler of ST WiFi Calling will be in grey colour and no calls can be received or made via the dialler.

  • Q10
    How can I get my voicemail messages when using ST WiFi Calling?

    There are 2 ways:
    1. Tap the in-app voicemail button, or
    2. Press 138 to enter the voice mailbox system

  • Q11
    Can ST WiFi Calling support the use of VoLTE?