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The music streaming platform that connects you with your favorite artists, tracks and playlists
  • Q1What is Spotify Premium?

    Spotify Premium is a monthly music streaming subscription service. You have access to a library of over 35 million songs online and offline on multiple supported devices, ad-free!

  • Q2How much is Spotify Premium ?

    Please refer HERE.

  • Q3What is the difference between Spotify Free and Spotify Premium?
    A3 The difference between the two are:
    Spotify Free Spotify Premium
    With ads No ad interruption
    Shuffle-only access Unlimited song skips
    Listen offline
  • Q4Who can subscribe to Spotify Premium via SmarTone?

    This is open to all SmarTone postpaid customers.

  • Q5How do I subscribe to Spotify Premium via SmarTone?

    Please refer HERE.

  • Q6I am an existing Spotify Premium user but I did not sign up to pay via SmarTone previously. How do I switch?

    You can switch to SmarTone billing with these steps:

    • Step 1: Stop your current Spotify Premium subscription near its renewal period HERE.
    • Step 2: Subscribe Spotify Premium through SmarTone CARE.
  • Q7I have just subscribed to SmarTone-Spotify Premium and am eligible for a 1-month free trial. What happens next?

    For new user who have not had a Spotify Premium account before, you are entitled for a 1-month free trial. Unless otherwise specified by the Customer, the Service will continue to be provided to the Customer after the expiry of the Free Trial and such service will be switched to a then prevailing comparable plan on non-contract basis that is specified from time to time.

  • Q8I would like to terminate Spotify Premium with SmarTone before renewal. Can I still enjoy the access after cancellation?

    Yes, you will still be able to enjoy Spotify Premium until the service expires.

  • Q9Can I get the balance of my money back if I terminate Spotify Premium with SmarTone before subscription renewal?

    No. The Service Plan is charged on a monthly basis. The monthly charges are non-refundable under whatever circumstances.

  • Q10My Spotify Premium subscription has expired. Can I subscribe Spotify Premium again?

    Yes. You can enjoy Spotify again by subscribing Spotify Premium through SmarTone CARE.

  • Q11How do I unsubscribe Spotify Premium with SmarTone?

    You may unsubscribe by calling into our customer care at 2880 2688.

  • Q12I have issues using Spotify Premium. Where can I find help?

    For any Spotify Premium application related issues, kindly escalate HERE.
    For billing related enquiries, please call our customer care at 2880 2688.

  • Q13Will using Spotify Premium consume my data quota?

    Yes. Download and use of the Service will incur data charge. Local data will be charged at or deducted from the Customer’s subscribed price plan, whichever is applicable. Standard roaming data charges will apply while using the Service abroad. If the Customer has applied for a Roaming Data Pack, data will be deducted from the plan. Please visit HERE for details.