“eDoctor” Video Consultation for Family
Unlimited consultations at home for you and your family
1) How to Subscribe

- Subscribe Online

- Visit any of our stores

2) How to Use

(1) Simple Activation

  • Click the activation link from our SMS/ SmarTone CARE App, then enter your SmarTone mobile number for verification, and fill in basic personal information to complete activation

(2) One App to Enjoy Service Anytime

  • Download and login to MyCigna HK App to reserve video/ phone call consultation services anytime

(3) Reserve Service in a Few Easy Steps

  • Select the patient and region for the consultation; then select “Video/ Phone Call Consultation” service, enter a simple description of symptoms and upload relevant photos; lastly, select date and time of the consultation

(4) Worry-free Consultation

  • Enter the App and get ready 5 minutes before the consultation begins, then press “Start Video Call” button at the designated time, and your doctor will appear on the screen and carry out your video consultation; for phone call consultation service, your doctor will call your phone number as saved in the App within 60 minutes.

(5) Prescription and Sick Leave Certification Issuance

  • After the consultation, your doctor will email you the prescription and sick leave certification when applicable