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Call Guard
Take control of incoming calls

It was recently reported that some call-blocking apps compile users’ contact lists into a public database. 3 billions of phone numbers and personal information have been disclosed.

SmarTone is committed to protecting your privacy, and our Call Guard service never saves your contact lists. Call Guard has blocked over 100 million junk calls since its launch#, and will continue to provide a hassle-free service to protect you from unwanted calls.

Key Features Highlight

Call Guard

Block junk calls at the mobile network before they reach your phone

  • The only app that blocks reported junk calls at the mobile network before they reach your phone, including local and overseas numbers, even the ones without caller ID
  • Enjoy effective junk call blocking through our ever-expanding user contributed database
  • Report junk calls from your last five received calls with just a single tap. This service even works for calls without a caller ID
  • View your history of blocked junk calls both locally and overseas
  • All reported numbers are verified to prevent false reporting and protect user rights

Notify you if the incoming call is from overseas

  • "Overseas Call Notification" enables you to identify calls originated from outside Hong Kong when you pick up the call, even if the caller’s number appears to be a Hong Kong number.

Call Guard

Call Guard

A full range of call-blocking features

Personal Blacklist

  • Customise your blacklist to block unwanted calls

Bar Withheld Numbers

  • Block all incoming calls without a caller ID, or choose to receive international calls even if the caller ID is hidden^ to ensure that you don't miss any important calls

Exceptional List

  • In the unlikely event that you want to receive certain marketing calls, you may unblock those callers and add their numbers to your "Exceptional List"

Forward Junk Calls to Voicemail

  • By choosing to forward junk calls to voicemail instead of blocking them, you can check those messages at a later time

VIP Only

  • By activating this feature, you will only receive calls from numbers on your "VIP List", while all other calls will be forwarded to voicemail. This feature is especially useful when you are abroad as it eliminates unnecessary roaming charges and leaves you undisturbed when sleeping in a different time zone

  • Call Guard can be used on smartphones running iOS 5.1.1 or above, Android 2.2 or above, Windows Phone 7.5 or above and BlackBerry® 6 or above.
  • Launched in Aug 2011
  • Refers to the last call answered by the user or connected to voicemail
  • The caller ID of some international calls may be hidden because of the IDD setting of the provider