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LogInNow FAQ

A. About LogInNow
  • Q1
    Why should I use LogInNow?
    A1With LogInNow, our access security control, you only need one username and password, making it simpler to access your SmarTone services online and My Account.
  • Q2
    Can I not set up LogInNow?
    A2Once LogInNow is available to you, you are required to set it up in order to access My Account and SmarTone services that require login.
  • Q3
    How do I set up LogInNow ?
    A3For customers who join SmarTone on or after 9 Sept 2013, use your username and password to log into My Account and any SmarTone service. For other customers, after receiving invitations, use your mobile number and password to log into My Account and any SmarTone service. You will be guided to setup LogInNow in simple steps.
  • Q4
    How do I make sure I receive the invitation to set up LogInNow?
    A4Invitations will be sent via email in stages. Please ensure that you have given us your most frequently used email. If you haven't, please log into My Account and update your contact email in 'My Profile'. To prevent your email account provider mistakenly sending our emails to your spam folder, please add comms@service.smartone.com to your address book. If you are not sure how to add us to your address book, please click below to view instructions for the most commonly used email accounts:

B. About using LogInNow
  • Q5
    What is the difference between a password and a 6-digit PIN?
    A5A password can be used for the following:
    • Logging into My Account
    • Logging into critical applications with sensitive personal information
    • Subscribing to Apps & Services via ST apps

    6-digit PIN can be used for the following:
    • Logging into our service hotline
    • Logging into less critical applications
  • Q6
    What if I forget my username and/or password?
    A6Click the ‘ Forgot username and/or password' link on any login page, follow the simple instructions to retrieve your username and/or reset your password.
  • Q7
    Can I retrieve my password without resetting it?
    A7To ensure no one but you know your password, we store it in an encrypted format. Therefore, even we do not know what it is, so your password cannot be retrieved.
  • Q8
    What if I forget my 6-digit PIN?
    A8If you forget your 6-digit PIN, please log in to My Account, go to LogInNow > Settings, then follow the simple instructions to set a new PIN.
  • Q9
    Why do I need to enter a CAPTCHA code for login?
    A9You have consecutively entered a wrong username or password. For security reasons, you will need to enter a CAPTCHA code when you attempt to log in again.
  • Q10
    What if all my services requiring login are blocked because I forgot my password?
    A10For security reasons, you can call our service hotline 2880 2688 or visit our stores to recover your login credentials.
  • Q11
    How can I change my username, password and 6-digit PIN?
    A11Please log into My Account on our website and go into 'LogInNow' to make these changes.
C. For accounts with multiple lines
  • Q12
    If there are multiple users in the same account and each user managing multiple lines, what are the benefits of LogInNow?
    A12If account owners and users need to manage multiple lines of their own, they can group them under their respective username and password via LogInNow.

    Account owners can also authorise users to make line-related enquires and manage matters relating to the subscription of their numbers at stores and via the hotline, thus making it more convenient for both the account owners and line users. To enjoy this convenience, account owners only have to visit one of our stores once for identity verification and to make the arrangements.
  • Q13
    What are the rights of an authorised user and how to become an authorised user?
    A13The authorised user is permitted to act on behalf of the owner on matters in relation to the subscription of the subscriber number, except in the following circumstances:

    1. Disconnection of service (except disconnection due to lost SIM);
    2. Transfer the service number to another person;
    3. Port out the mobile number;
    4. For authorised user under 18, purchase of products bundled with fixed term contract mobile / wireless fixed service subscription are not allowed.

    To become authorised users, account owners and authorised users only need to visit one of our stores once for ID verification to make the arrangement.
  • Q14
    What should an account owner do if he/she wants to further respect the privacy of the user(s) under their account by not viewing their usage details?
    A14The account owner and the line user(s) can simply visit our stores to make the arrangements. To offer further convenience, the account owner and the relevant line user(s) can either visit any of our stores together or the line user(s) can come after the account owner has made the relevant arrangements.
  • Q15
    Can user authorisation be retracted once granted?
    A15Yes. Account owners can retract authorisation at any of our stores or via hotline.