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Street View To Go
("Street View To Go" is no longer available for subscription.)

Street View To go
Navigate like never before with the automatic Video-Cruise

Street view to go


Street view to go


Video-Cruise in Street View NEW

  • Previews the route in video format like you were there
  • Lets you adjust the speed of Video-Cruise, so you can take a quick look at the route and slow down at the section where you need to check more carefully


Direct Access to Street View NEW

  • The "crosshair" allows you to mark on Google Maps and enter Street View directly from the exact spot


Street view to go


Real Time Traffic Information

  • Essential travel information including Live Traffic information on map, Cross Harbour Journey Time and Live Traffic News, all in one place


Useful Location Information

  • Locally relevant points of interest on Google Maps including parking, gas station, HKJC branch and more with just one touch

  • This service can be used on smartphones running iOS 6 or above, Android 4.0 or above (with screen resolutions of 320 x 480 or more) and BlackBerry® 10 or above.

  • Google Maps and Street View are owned by Google Inc.

  • Android is a trademark of Google Inc.