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Latest Smartphone Offers

Latest Smartphone Offers

Tri-area shared Data Plans with Smartphone Subscription
Service Plans $598 $398 $298 $198
Macau / HK / Mainland China Shared Data Unlimited usage* 12GB 8GB 4GB
Macau-HK Shared Voice Mins (Intra + Basic) Unlimited Intra + 2,150 Basic Unlimited Intra + 1,600 Basic Unlimited Intra + 1,600 Basic Unlimited Intra + 1,200 Basic

  1. Free a Hong Kong mobile number within the promotional period
  2. Free Caller Number Display, Call Forwarding, Call waiting, Conference Call and Voicemail
  3. Customer can pay $18/month to add-on a Hong Kong mobile number ; or pay $28/month to add-on a Mainland China mobile number and get a Hong Kong mobile number for free.
  4. ‘Advise and Consent’ thereafter local data charge basis applies to above plans (except Unlimited Data Service Plans). Thereafter data ceiling capped dose not apply to 4G service plans.
    At any time when the data usage on a plan nearly reaches the allowance, an SMS will be sent to the customer to advise of this. The customer may enter the USSD codes to purchase a top-up ($50/500MB Macau / Hong Kong / Mainland China shared data usage) which can be used for the remaining period of the bill month. If no top-up is purchased, data service will be suspended when the data usage has reached the allowance. Customer may purchase a top-up at any time to resume service, or wait until the beginning of the next bill month to commence service again with the new month's data allowance. To check the remaining free local data usage, please press *150#.

  • For customers who subscribe an unlimited data plan with speed throttling, upload and download data access speed will be restricted to not less than 256kbps after the monthly data usage has reached 30GB or 10GB, before and after expiry of the promotion period, respectively. In any circumstance, actual data transmission speeds may vary from time to time due to internet traffic conditions outside of the control of SmarTone.
Terms and Conditions for these Plans