Physical fitness is a general state of health and well-being; a condition of being healthy and able to perform a given set of physical activities without undue fatigue.

The HealthReachTM Fitness Apps

How to Achieve Physical Fitness

Exercising helps improve your physical fitness. Physical fitness is achieved through proper nutrition, physical activity, exercise (moderate-vigorous, for instance, walking) and adequate rest.

The components of physical fitness are cardiorespiratory endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility and body fat composition.

Importance of Physical Fitness

The benefits of exercising in physical fitness cannot be downplayed. Regular exercises keep the heart and lungs working optimally, your weight under control and burn off excess calories. Additionally, exercising increases flexibility, muscle strength and endurance.

Moderate physical activities such as walking, swimming or any organized sport will serve to improve tour physical fitness. Physical activity lowers the risk of heart disease, stroke, hypertension, diabetes, and colon cancer. Physical fitness is applicable in the prevention and treatment of unhealthy lifestyle and aging. Exercising on a regular basis often results into fewer doctor visitations, medication and hospitalization. In some people, working out helps in mitigating mood disorders (stress depression and anxiety) and inducing sleep.

In light of the benefits realized by regular exercising and proper nutrition, HealthReachTMsystems were developed to empower you to take charge of your health and lifestyle change.HealthReachTM is a management app connecting you to exercise programs, diet control and vital health sign measurements. This combination will be effective in mitigating and deferring the onset of metabolic syndrome and also reverse type 2 diabetes.

The Walking App: Walk for Health

Walking is such an ideal exercise since its fit for people from all ages, has a lower risk of injury, suitable for busy lifestyles, does not require special gear or equipment and that anyone can freely walk at will. The HealthReachTMwalking app helps you design and monitor your walking programs anywhere in the world; reason being the walking app’s route planner is integrated with Google Maps. The walking program comes with options for both casual and tiered walking modules for all age and fitness levels.

The Calorie Reckoner

Proper nutrition and diet control help maintain physical fitness and a healthy weight which reduces chances of suffering central obesity (an underlying cause of metabolic syndrome). There is therefore a great need for watching what you eat. The Calorie Reckoner app will come in handy in helping you get the nutritional value of your food in terms of its calorie content. The calorie intake is exportable to Walk for Health for the calculation of the desired calorie burn. Calorie reckoner is also categorized in a seasonal menu consisting of breakfast, lunch, tea and dinnerfor easy selection of the menu. All this and a lot more extremely relevant features will, in a nutshell, help you feed in a healthier approach.

In conclusion, we recommend that you walk more, indulge in physical activity, exercise regularly, know how much calorie you have in your meal and have proper nutrition to improve fitness. Try out the HealthReachTM system; use the HealthReachTMwalking and calorie reckoner app. It’s an innovative wholesome technology meant to empower you and your family members to make your lifestyle and health better.