2100MHz LTE in MTR
We have unleashed our powerful 2100MHz LTE network in MTR to bring you a faster, smoother and more stable mobile experience.
Better Indoor Coverage
SmarTone's 4G LTE network offers comprehensive coverage. We utilise the 900MHz low-frequency spectrum to achieve higher penetration in Hong Kong's high-density environment, providing you a better indoor internet experience.
15 Minute Network Checks
To ensure that you enjoy a fast, stable and smooth internet, we closely monitor our network in real time. Network checks are conducted every 15 minutes, and resource allocation adjustments are made to ensure your optimal enjoyment.
Network Feedback at SmarTone CARE
Your internet experience is important to us. If you encounter any network problems, you can conveniently let us know through SmarTone CARE. We'll promptly follow up and make any necessary improvements to give you an even better internet experience.