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Every business partner, guest or customer has a smart device on hand and they require to stay connected to Internet anywhere. More and more corporates deploy WiFi at offices or shops to cope with the trend and enjoy business advantages.

SmartConnect provides high flexibility for WiFi solution as it relies on SmarTone 4.5G network which is easy to setup without cabling. It is best suits for retail shops, F&B, trade shows, corporate conferences, and outdoor events.

Why SmarTone?

Story of Pok Oi

SmartConnect linked all the Pok Oi Mobile Clinics with the central database which has greatly enhanced the efficiency and service quality.

‘SmarTone has equipped our entire Mobile Clinics crew with its SmartConnect service; providing end-to-end service from consultation, installation, maintenance to technical support.’

Ms Packy Wong
Pok Oi Hospital
Social Service Coordinator

  • Enhance mobility and productivity – WiFi network allows access from anywhere of the office so that staffs can work with their laptops from their seats to conference room with seamless Internet connectivity
  • Improve business contingency – Emails, Cloud apps, POS, etc., all business operations heavily rely on Internet connectivity. SmartConnect serves as office back up line when the fixed Internet connectivity failed and makes your business keep on as usual
  • Increase customer satisfaction – WiFi makes your customers happier, especially businesses require waiting time, like restaurants, clinic, banking, etc. Customers’ dissatisfaction on service delay can be minimised
  • Drive customers’ loyalty – Customised WiFi login page with company logo when customers login WiFi at shops. You can link it with your social network page to gain more members for your social media page so as to promote your business and build up relation with customers
  • Know your customers – SmartConnect records basic customer information when customer login the WiFi. It also provides reports including login time and shopping route at your shop so that you can make use of it for marketing plan

Service Highlights

  • Empowered by SmarTone 4.5G network
  • Fixed and WiFi resilience option
  • Easy-to-use management portal