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Blocks junk and fraud calls securely

It was recently reported that some call-blocking apps compile users’ contact lists into a public database. 3 billions of phone numbers and personal information have been disclosed.

SmarTone is committed to protecting your privacy, and our Call Guard service never saves your contact lists. Call Guard has blocked over 100 million junk calls since its launch in August 2011, and will continue to provide a hassle-free service to protect you from unwanted calls.

Time Saving

  • Junk calls are blocked at mobile network
  • Completely free from call disturbance
  • Unnecessary to identify incoming calls
  • Automatic nuisance call database updates at network level
  • Cloud-based application, only one-off set up is needed

Save Roaming Spending

  • Junk calls won’t be connected
  • Avoid picking up junk call accidentally during business trip
  • Save money from answering junk or nuisance calls during your trip

Reliable with Caring Function

  • Ever expanding and updated junk call database
  • Junk call database stored at network
  • Save space and battery for your mobile
  • No in-app advertisement
  • Works with most phones & latest OS in the market
  • Round-the-clock support
  • Wide range of features to meet your needs, such as overseas call notification

Guards your company data on mobile against cyber threats

To mitigate cyber attacks, ST Protect monitors and detects the threats and unusual behaviors of the mobile devices, the applications, as well as the network.

Empowered by A.I. and Machine Learning behavioral technology, it comprehensively protects the iOS and Android devices against the advanced mobile threats by integrating offline and real time detection in a multi-layers approach.

Mobile security threats are all around
How can ST Protect help you?

Advance End-to-End Threat Prevention

  • Offline and online detection, real-time, continuous, on-device detection
  • Device & network based detection
  • Protect against known and unknown threats
  • Minimal device impact by optimising battery life
  • Protect user privacy - no DPI and custom privacy tconfiguration
  • MMS, NFC & Bluetooth detection

Real Time WiFi Network Detection

  • Prevent WiFi Man-in-the-Middle (MitM) attacks
  • Disable suspicious network automatically


  • Better user experience with simple interface
  • Mobile app displays the detection in device, network & apps level
  • No IT support is required

Flexible & Affordable

  • No upfront CAPEX investment
  • Simple pricing, one monthly fee
  • On-demand license scale up

Why do you need to protect your smartphone?

Mobile threats and cyber attacks are rocketing, with WiFi fraud, viruses and malware becoming more prevalent:

You have high risk of downloading malware-infected apps, more than 87% of the top mobile apps have been hacked in 20141 globally. 86% YOY increase of security issues in 20152 related to personal mobile devices in Hong Kong.

  1. Kindsight Securty abs Malware Report 2013

What’s happening

Next Generation BYOD Solution 2017

Organized by Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards

Best Mobile Security Product 2017

Organized by Cybersecurity Excellence Awards