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SmarTeam is a business process management tool helps you stay ahead of competition. It unifies task management, workflows and communication for enhancing your business agility. You can adopt SmarTeam easily and attain business efficiency without upfront investment and intensive IT support.

SmarTeam Overview

  • Instant and Secured Communication - A corporate communication tool with data encryption. All chats and multi-media files are encrypted to minimise the risk of data leakage
  • Simple and Fast Workflow Deployment - Customise your own workflows by drag and drop tool. No additional training or resources are required
  • Streamline Field Operations - Check-in function enables supervisors identify staffs’ position and oversee procedures and job routes
  • Flexible Task Assignment - real-time location tracking and instant status notification let supervisors to deal with tasks and emergency incidents rapidly by reallocating tasks to the nearest staff available

Key Features

  • Corporate-grade encrypted instant messaging tool
  • Workflow builder with pre-built template
  • Location tracking
  • VoIP calls
  • Wed-based admin portal