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To meet rising customer expectations and to drive more sales, businesses in the hospitality industry must strive to better serve and engage customers, whilst at the same time enhancing operation efficiency.

We offer solutions to help you provide more personalised and relevant services to your customers and improve your operation efficiency:

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Food and beverage outlets need to enhance customer experience to increase repeat business and revenue.

  • Elevate customer experience by enabling customers to preview up-to-date menus, make reservations, and place orders on mobile apps before arriving at the restaurants
  • Minimise the waiting time for customers with reservation as well as walk-in customers, with our reservation management solution
  • Drive a higher spend per meal by making suitable recommendations and pairings based on customer selections with our innovative interactive e-Menu solution


Hotels need to continuously improve guest experience so as to delight customers and increase loyalty

  • Enhance customer experience by providing booking confirmation, pre-arrival welcome messages and updates on interesting events at the destination to guests’ mobile phones prior to their arrival
  • Deepen engagement with guests and further encourage spending during their stay through pesonalised recommendations to their mobile phones
  • Respond to guest requests promptly by effectively dispatching work orders and streamlining processes with our easy-to-use job dispatching solution