Banking & Finance

Banking & Finance

With customer expectations rising alongside advances in technology, compliance requirements becoming ever more stringent and online fraud increasing exponentially, it is more important than ever for banks and financial institutions to improve customer experience while ensuring robust management processes and a strong security infrastructure are in place.

We offer solutions to help you better serve and engage customers, enhance your online security capability and ability to meet compliance requirements more cost effectively:

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Enhance Customer Experience in a Mobile-First World

  • Personalise your interaction with your customers by sending targeted messages to specific customer segments whilst achieving economy of scale
  • Deliver a better queuing experience by allowing customers to check queue clearance progress on their mobiles and sending them reminders for designated service time slots, so that they can go about doing other things they like and no need to worry about missing their spot

Improve Operational Efficiency

  • Send real-time notifications and confirmations to customers for online banking, credit card transactions or stock trading
  • Inform customers of real-time transactions of their bank accounts with mobile alerts and notifications
  • Improve communication and collaboration across teams with corporate instant messaging while keeping sensitive information secure
  • Implement user authentication for online and mobile transactions



Guard against Mobile Security Threats

  • Safeguard mobile access to IT infrastructure amid the rise of mobile workforce and proliferation of mobile apps
  • Track devices, lock them down, or remote wipe them when your phone or tablet is lost or stolen
  • Ensure access security to files and information on smartphones, tablets and mobile apps
  • Prevent information and data leakage through email on mobile devices

Help Meet Compliance Standards

  • Record, archive and retrieve voice and SMS to meet the latest compliance requirements
  • Store recordings within your network or on the cloud, to best fit your IT policy