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4K Video Content Streamed Extremely Smoothly
From 10 April to 21 April, the top 100 customers with the most videos viewed (hmvod subscription via SmarTone required) will be rewarded FREE 2 x “Dynasty Warriors” movie ticket exchange coupons!
  • hmvod Hot-picks (Available in Chinese Only)
  • With SmarTone 5G on hmvod, you can download and play the 4K video fast and smooth
  • Watch with hmvod 3D screen protector to bring 3D blockbusters to life anytime, anywhere
  • Loads of latest Hollywood Blockbusters available in hmvod straight after cinema release
  • Unlimited view of “VIP Unlimited Watch” movies, dramas, varieties and child content within 1 monthly plan
  • Allows 2 logins at the same time, turns your mobiles, tablets, Smart TVs, Apple TV and computers into your private theatre