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Easy Connect

Easy Connect
Large keyboard and simplified homescreen for effortless living

Easy Connect helps you get rid of the clutter and stuff you hardly use, and make it easier to get to the things you do want. It is a FREE AndroidTM homescreen and exclusive to SmarTone customers.

Select your Home as you like

Call Guard


Easy Connect - Home
Easy Connect - Home


  • Bigger keys with haptic response
  • Direct Quick Dial
  • Louder ringtones and stronger vibration

  • Big colour-coded icons to maximise legibility
  • All apps arranged clearly and scrolled through vertically
  • Flexibility to prioritise frequently used apps on top
  • Locked icons to avoid accidental deletion

All round improved legibility and usability

  • easy connect1

    Lock Screen

    Your favourite wallpaper fills the screen

  • easy connect2

    Lock Screen

    • Tap to see a large clock, weather
      and Lunar & Gregorian calendars
    • Large size missed call and message prompts
  • easy connect3


    Least used features and
    complications removed so you can
    focus on taking a better picture

  • easy connect4


    Large thumbnails for easier selection

  • easy connect6


    • Enlarged contact photos and text
    • Search bar highlighted for greater legibility
  • easy connect5


    Extra large for easier viewing

  • easy connect7


    7-day forecast at a glance

    What's more...

    • Preload popular apps like WhatsApp, Facebook etc. You can just tap and use
    • Support a wide range of Android models*. You can choose the smartphone model that you like

    • It can be used on smartphones running Android™ 4.0 or above and the user experience may vary depending on the individual smartphone model, smartphone settings, firmware version and other factors that may be applicable

    Android is a trademark of Google Inc.