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General features

Q1: Can I use Easy Connect on WiFi?

Yes. Just make sure you have a valid SmarTone SIM card in your smartphone as the service is applicable to SmarTone customers only.

Q2: Can I use Easy Connect on dual-SIM smartphones ?

Yes, but make sure you have a valid SmarTone SIM card in your smartphone SIM1 position as the service is applicable to SmarTone customers only.

Q3: Is Easy Connect free?

Yes, it is a free app exclusive to SmarTone customers.

Q4: Can I use Easy Connect when I am abroad?

Yes, you can use Easy Connect locally and abroad even if the data connection is off. Some Apps on Easy Connect may incur data usage. If you would like to use it overseas, standing roaming data charges will apply for activities which incur data usage. Please click here for details. To enjoy better value data roaming as well as improved control over your spending, we recommend subscribing to our Roaming Data Day Plan

Q5: Which platforms support Easy Connect?

Easy Connect can be used on smartphones running Android™ 4.0 or above. The user experience may vary depending on the individual smartphone model, smartphone settings, firmware version and other factors that may be applicable.

Q6: How can I install and set up Easy Connect?

It is very easy. Click here to start.

Q7: What happens if I remove my SmarTone SIM card and insert a non-SmarTone SIM card while using Easy Connect?

A prompt will appear and you will be asked to select an alternative homescreen.

Homescreen features

Q1: Can I add more App icons on Easy Connect?

Yes you can. Simply tap the +Add button on Easy Connect and select the App that you want.

Q2: How can I change the theme colour of Easy Connect?

We have designed two themes for Easy Connect. Simply go to Settings -> Themes and select the one you like.

Q3: How can I change the Wallpaper on Easy Connect?

You can choose from the preloaded wallpapers or you choose any photo to be your Wallpaper. To set the Wallpaper, please go to Settings -> Lock screen -> Wallpaper.

Q4: How can I change the language on Easy Connect?

Easy Connect supports Chinese & English. To set the language, please go to Settings -> Language.

Q5: How can I rearrange the icon positions on Easy Connect?

You have two ways to rearrange the icon positions. You can either long press one of the icons or go to Settings
-> Manage icons and Home -> Move icons. Icons can be swapped one by one.
To avoid accidental deletion, you can fix the icon position by turning ON Lock icons under Settings -> Manage icons and Home .

Q6: Why can’t some of the icons on top be rearranged?

We purposely do not allow users to rearrange those icons as these are the most frequently used features for a smartphone user.

Q7: How can I set up Quick dial?

Tap Quick dial in Phone and select the contact you want. To cancel the Quick dial setting, go to that contact, press Edit and delete the Star icon next to the phone number.

Q8: I have reviewed my missed calls via Call Log in Easy Connect. Why is there still a miss call icon at the top of the homescreen?

The smartphone will notify you via different channels. As long as you have reviewed them, you can clear the icons on the notifications bar by pushing down from the top of smartphone screen and clicking the clear button.

Q9: Why can’t use the Easy Connect Messaging app in my smartphone with Android 4.4?

Due to a compatibility issue, smartphones with Android 4.4 or above must use Hangouts or default messaging apps preloaded in them.

Q10: How can I change back to the other homescreen after using Easy Connect?

On Easy Connect, you can switch to other homescreen in the Settings -> Switch to other homescreen.

Q11: Why can’t I review all my contact info on Easy Connect?

We have redesigned the Contacts page which to show max. 3 phone numbers for each contact.

Q12: Why does the Easy Connect lock screen still appear on my smartphone even though I am using another Home screen?

The Easy Connect lock screen will not appear after you select a default Home screen by choosing it and pressing Always.