Mobile threats and cyber attacks are rocketing, with WiFi fraud, viruses and malware becoming more prevalent:

You have high risk of downloading malware-infected apps, more than 87% of the top mobile apps have been hacked in 20141 globally. 86% YOY increase of security issues in 20152 related to personal mobile devices in Hong Kong.

  1. Kindsight Securty abs Malware Report 2013

What’s happening

Why do you need ST Protect?

ST Protect’s Artificial Intelligence effectively protects your smartphone from known and even unknown mobile threats.

ST Protect

Malicious apps, virus and malware

ST Protect detects and stops abnormal app activities with patented behavioural analytics, and ensures apps only access permitted information. ST Protect can even identify and protect your smartphone from zero-day attacks.

ST Protect

Device threats

ST Protect continuously runs a behavioural engine on your smartphone, detecting threats even when your device is offline.

ST Protect

Man-in-the-middle attacks and unsafe Wifi

ST Protect alerts you when an unsafe WiFi connection or man-in-the-middle attack is detected, whether you are in Hong Kong or overseas

ST Protect

ST Protect

is powered by Zimperium, a leading US-based security expert and technology company that has invented the world’s first mobile AI intrusion prevention system. It provides comprehensive protection for your smartphone - guarding your personal data and giving you absolute peace of mind.


2017 Next Generation BYOD Solution
Organized by Cyber Defense Magazine InfoSec Awards

2017 Best Mobile Security Product
Organized by Cybersecurity Excellence Award

ST Protect is available exclusively to SmarTone customers.

ST Protect

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