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Virtual WiFi Egg
Easy Peasy Roaming
Virtual WiFi Egg & Roaming Data Pass - No need to swap SIM, no need to rent or return the WiFi egg , no bill shock
  • Q1Is the Virtual WiFi Egg available to all customers?

    Virtual WiFi Egg is available to all SmarTone customers with a monthly service plan subscription.

  • Q2Does Virtual WiFi Egg cover all kinds of data usage?

    Virtual WiFi Egg can be used for email, apps, browsing, VoIP and tethering, but excludes peer-to-peer applications, FTP file sharing and webcam applications.

  • Q3How is a day defined for Virtual WiFi Egg?

    A day is defined as 00:00 to 23:59 local time of the visited destination.

  • Q4Which phones or tablets support Virtual WiFi Egg?

    Virtual WiFi Egg can be used on all smartphones, tablets or iPads.

  • Q5If I have activated the Virtual WiFi Egg but did not use any roaming data, will I still be charged?

    No. You will not be charged. The daily rate will only be incurred once you start using roaming data.

  • Q6Do I automatically enjoy the fixed daily rates of Virtual WiFi Egg if I have already activated data roaming service?

    To enjoy the fixed daily rates, you have to activate Virtual WiFi Egg. Otherwise standard roaming data charges will be incurred.

  • Q7As a Virtual WiFi Egg user, can I continue to use roaming data when my daily data usage reaches 500MB?

    Yes. When daily data usage reaches 500MB, a SMS notification will be sent to the customer, who may reply to the SMS to purchase extra full speed roaming data. If no additional purchase for full speed data is made, the data speed will be at up to 128kbps for the Customer to continue with the use of data roaming. The speed adjustment of 128kbps will cease to apply when a new roaming data day charge commences at 00:00 local time of the visited destination.

  • Q8Why should I use the Virtual WiFi Egg instead of pocket Wi-Fi?

    Virtual WiFi Egg gives you all the benefits of traditional WiFi egg without any of its hassles:

    • ·

      Low fixed daily service fee and freely enjoy data roaming*with no need to rent or return the WiFi egg each time you travel

    • ·

      Convenient data sharing among travel companions

    • ·

      Covers popular Asian destinations include China, Indonesia, Japan, Macau, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Taiwan, Thailand and even Australia and New Zealand

    • ·

      Fixed daily rate – guarantee no data roaming bill shock

    • ·

      Only pay for the days you actually use instead of having to be bind by the set number of days of traditional wifi egg, so no wastage

    • ·

      Quality assurance from SmarTone – partners with high quality overseas mobile service providers

    • ·

      Activate the service once and Virtual WiFi Egg will be available for your use once you reach your destinations

    • *

      When daily data usage reaches 500MB, the data speed will be set up to 128kbps while you continue to enjoy data roaming

  • Q9How do I check my ‹Multi-day Roaming Data Pass› balance?

    Check via SmarTone CARE app –– Log into ‹My Account›, select ‹Mobile Usage› followed by ‹Roaming›.

  • Q10
    How do I use 5G data roaming service?

    Customers need to meet the following conditions to experience 5G data roaming services:
    - Designated existing SmarTone 5G service plan subscribers
    - Use compatible device (Click here for details)
    - Use data roaming service in SmarTone designated destinations (e.g. China and South Korea)

  • Q11
    How much does 5G data roaming service cost?

    There is no additional charge for 5G data roaming service, customers can use 5G data roaming service in the designated destinations with the same price.