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Special Promotions

Hong Kong's first 5G+4.5G create-your-own combo! Subscribe to a SmarTone 5G mobile plan with 5G or 4.5G Add-on SIM cards of your choice, and share data with your family/ secondary devices with more ease and flexibility! 

Family Sharing

Select Add-on SIM cards at the speed of your choice to suit your family's needs at greater value

Share data flexibly and manage your children's data usage with ease

Multiple Devices

Assign Add-on SIM cards of different speeds to your mobile devices according to device usage

Allocate data to different devices as needed for optimal efficiency

Easy & Flexible

One consolidated monthly fee for all SIM cards for easy, time-saving bill management

Add SIM cards whenever you need them without extending your contract

Upgrade the speed of your Add-on SIM cards anytime
Speed 5G Ultra-fast 4.5G Full Speed 4.5G 21Mbps Speed
No. of Add-on SIM Cards Maximum 4 in Total
Monthly Fee per Add-on SIM Card HK$120 HK$90 HK$70
Extra Data Offer Extra 10GB/month FREE 5G Local Data per Add-on SIM Card N/A N/A