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When you subscribe to a new mobile plan, you may not know for sure how much data you need. We are the first in the market to offer you Flexi-switch, giving you the flexibility to change your plan once within 3 months of signing a new contract. Second chances are a great reason to smile!
Applicable SIM Only and Unbundled Plans for Flexi-switch:

    Flexi-switch For Designated Service Plans:
  • Only applicable to new customers or existing customers with a new line subscription to a designated Service Plan.
  • Flexi-switch allows customers to change to another designated Service Plan (“Switch”) once within the first 3 months from the date of activation of the service subscription under the contract made prior to the Switch (“Pre-Switch Contract”).
  • When the customer changes to a designated Service Plan under Flexi-switch (“Switch Contract”), the customer shall use the designated Service Plan for the remaining period of the Switch Contract (“Switch Contract Term”).
  • The applicable GoodCare Smartphone Plan for Flexi-switch includes GoodCare Smartphone Plan at a monthly fee of HK$88 only. Other GoodCare Smartphone Plans are not applicable for Flexi-switch.
  • (if applicable) FUP Unlimited Data Plan:
    If the Pre-Switch Contract carries a FUP Unlimited Data Plan but the Customer is not entitled to a FUP Unlimited Data Plan under the Switch Contract, the FUP Unlimited Data Plan under the Pre-Switch Contract will be automatically cancelled and the Customer will not be entitled to the FUP Unlimited Data Plan during the Switch Contract Term.
  • (if applicable) The selected services, rebates, extra local data and airtime offers and the special offers entitlements (including, but not limited to, quotas of Customer Smartphone and Tablet offer, SuperCare Unbundled Smartphone Plan’s designated smartphones and tablets at Unbundled Prices, accessories coupons and premium) of the Pre-Switch Contract will be superseded by the Switch Contract which the customer has changed to under Flexi-switch.
  • Our company reserves the right of final decision related to these offers and to change the Terms & Conditions without prior notice. Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-T251 for details.