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Understand the Internet World of Your Children

How to ensure your child’s safety on the internet

Use of privacy settings:

The privacy settings on different social media apps and websites vary. Parents should set up appropriate online privacy settings together with children including limiting the audience for posts, photos, and check-ins, and whether or not to allow strangers to send friend requests or inbox messages. Personal information privacy settings can help prevent strangers from tracking your habits and whereabouts.

Protecting personal information:

Remind your children not to disclose personal information such as home address, phone number and other sensitive information online unnecessarily.

Be aware of the dangers of social media posting:

Ingrain a cautious mindset into your children for sharing photos online. It is equally important to evaluate the risks for sharing personal information.

Use anti-cyberattack software:

Mobile anti-virus software is readily available in the market. SmarTone also offers anti-virus software - ST Protect providing total protection for smartphones, it safeguards your mobile devices from viruses, malware attacks or WiFi fraud to protect your mobile phone as well as personal information.


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SmarTone Family Plan subscribers can allocate data of their children in SmarTone CARE app

Parental Control

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With iOS, parents can exercise parental control by activating the two functions - “Ask to Buy” under setting. For any new purchases or free app download requests, Apple will first ask parents for approval to avoid accidental in-app purchases and random app downloading.

Step 1:[Settings] > [your name] > [Family sharing] and click on the name of the family member

Step 2:Click [Ask to Buy]


Google Play

You can also set up parental monitoring on Google Play to limit children's right to download or purchase from Google Play to their devices.

Step 1:Google Play Store > [Menu] > [Settings] > [Require authentication for purchases]

Step 2:Choose a setting