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Roaming Data Day Plan

Roaming Data Day Plan
Calls and messaging all you want when travelling with
a fixed daily rate

Instant Messaging Roaming Day Plan will be terminated on 15 Dec 2016,
and will be upgraded to Virtual WiFi Egg

To bring more value to our SmarTone customers, we are introducing the Instant Messaging Roaming Day Plan.

If you only require voice and messaging communications when roaming, enjoy VoIP calls and messaging, as much as you like, for only HK$48 a day at over 150 destinations.

With WhatsApp, WeChat and LINE all covered, you can stay connected all the time.

Roaming Data Day Plan

Roaming Data Day Plan

What’s more, switch on and off data roaming for email, browsing, downloads and streaming at our best-ever data roaming rate of just HK$5/MB, capped at HK$208 a day for as much data as you want.

References for data required for common usages:

Common Usages Data Required*
Online browsing e.g. news, travel information 1.5MB / page
Receiving emails
  • - No attachment
  • - With attachment
  50KB / email
400KB / email
Video streaming e.g. YouTube   4MB / min.
Social media posts
  • - Text only
  • - With a photo
  50KB / post
400KB / post
  • The data required shown above are for reference only. The actual amount of roaming data consumed will depend on the actual activities.

If you wish to access the internet to enjoy a wide range of applications besides voice & messaging, subscribe to our Roaming Data Day Plan for an even better value.