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("X-Power" is no longer available for subscription.)

Watch videos on your smartphone that others can't
  X-Power   X-Power   X-Power  

Instantly convert Flash and other video formats


Get RSS feeds and Podcast alerts as you browse


Save your bookmarks and history in the cloud

  • Most popular video sites for HK customers use the Flash video format which isn’t supported by the latest smartphones and tablets. Getting unofficial Flash players can be risky because they may have viruses, making your smartphone or tablet more vulnerable to attacks
  • X-Power enables you to watch videos you come across as you browse, even ones your phones or tablets can't play

  • RSS feeds and Podcasts contain great content, but were originally designed for use on a computer and can be difficult to access on mobile.
    X-Power alerts you of available RSS feeds and Podcasts while browsing, so they are ready for your instant enjoyment

  • Your browsing history and bookmarks are automatically stored in the cloud, with password-protection, so you can easily retrieve it even if you change or lose your smartphone or tablet


X-Power can be used on smartphones and tablets running iOS 3 or above, Android 1.5 or above, Windows Phone 7.5 or above and BlackBerry® 10 or above.