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Service Service Fee*
Monthly Plan 12-month Contract Offer
hmv oleGoK HK$68^ / month HK$58# / month
  • To sign up for a 6-month contract, you can get an oleGoMic and earpieces for FREE
  • To sign up for a 12-month contract, you can get a Bluetooth wireless microphone for FREE

  • Standalone price of oleGoMic and earpieces: HK$299 / set


Download, usage and content update of this service will incur data. It will be deducted from relevant subscribed service plans and charged at the applicable thereafter fee. Alternatively, it will be charged based on standard data charges.

Terms and Conditions for this Service

  • hmv oleGoK can be used on smartphones and tablets running iOS 8.0 or above and Android™ 4.0 or above.
  • The recording and sharing function is applicable to songs with the related copyrights only and must be within the restrictions of the social apps used.
  • hmv oleGoK is owned and operated by South China House of Technology (Distribution) Limited.
  • Subject to relevant terms and conditions. Please refer to T&C-V064 for details.