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Q1: Can I use loop on WiFi?

Yes. As well as WiFi, it can be used on any mobile network anywhere.

Q2: Is loop free to download?

Yes, it is free to download at Play Store / App Store*. However, download and use of this service will incur data charge.

Q3: How can I share loop stories with friends?

You can tap Share at the top right corner of a story and share the stories via SMS, email and social platforms such as Facebook and Weibo, subject to smartphones.

Q4: Which platforms support loop?

loop can be used on smartphones running iOS 6.0 or above and Android™ 4.0 or above.

Q5: Can I use loop when I am abroad ?

Yes. Standard roaming data charges will apply while using loop abroad. Please click here for details. To enjoy better value data roaming as well as improved control over your spending, we recommend subscribing to our Roaming Data Day Plan.