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ST Fibre Broadband

Q1 How can I subscribe to ST Fibre Broadband?
A1 To subscribe, simply visit any SmarTone stores or through Online subscription.
Q2 When is the earliest possible installation date?
A2 The earliest installation date is the next working day after receiving your request pending on the availability of our technical team.
Q3 What are the payment options?
A3 We accept credit card, bank autopay and cash payment. A deposit of HK$1,200 is required for cash payment for “Home Fibre 500” and “Home Fibre 1000”. Depending on resources availability, some Home Basic Broadband 100 need to use Fiber-to-the-home technology, the above deposit is required under this situation.
Q4 How can I enjoy the Super Value Price?
A4 The Super Value Price can be enjoyed by all SmarTone customers subscribing to any Smartphone Plan / Connected Device Plan / HomePhone+ . Please click here for details.
Q5 Is a contract required for the service?
A5 All service subscriptions required a 24-month contract.
Q6 Is there any installation fee?
A6 Installation is free except for a small amount of specified village housing. It also comes with the setting up of WiFi with your WiFi equipment in your home and a home WiFi coverage check. We will provide suggestion on where to place your home WiFi equipment for optimal WiFi coverage.

Free WiFi Service

Q1 How can I use ST Fibre Broadband's free WiFi service?
A1 Upon successful installation of ST Fibre Broadband, simply select "Y5Zone" SSID at WiFi hotspots and then enter the username and password to login for free WiFi access.
Q2 Where can I enquire about the WiFi hotspot locations?
A2 To check WiFi hotspot locations, please click here . ST Fibre Broadband offers over 11,000 WiFi hotspots covering Hong Kong people's most visited places such as shopping malls, restaurant outlets and fast food chains etc.
Q3 What are the minimum OS requirements for using the free WiFi service?

The minimum OS requirements for using the free WiFi service:

Smartphone and tablet
iOS, Android OS 1.5 or above, Windows Mobile 6.0 or above, Symbian S60 (Version 3) or above/UIQ 3.0 or above

Intel Pentium IV or above processor
1GB or above system memory
IEEE 802.11b/g/n WiFi compatible wireless card
Microsoft Windows XP, Vista or 7 above
Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 or above/Firefox 4 or above

Mac mini, iMac, Mac Pro and MacBook or above
Mac OS X or aboveMac OS X or above
256MB system memory
Mac AirPort (IEEE 802.11 b/g/n /WiFi Wireless LAN card)

Q4 What should I do if I fail to login?
A4 Please verify whether you have entered the correct username and password. Please note that usernames and passwords are case-sensitive.


Q1 Can I only subscribe to "HomeTel"?
A1 "HomeTel" is a service option for subscribers of ST Fibre Broadband. Therefore, it cannot be subscribed on its own.
Q2 Do I need to install ST Fibre Broadband and "HomeTel" at the same address?
A2 Yes, you need to install ST Fibre Broadband and "HomeTel" at the same address.
Q3 Do you have any user guides on the call management services of "HomeTel"?
A3 Simply click here to get the user guide.
Q4 Can I port in my existing home number for "HomeTel"?
A4 Yes. Simply visit our stores and our store staff will help you make the necessary arrangement.
Q5 What are the charges for IDD 001 on "HomeTel"?

Please refer to the IDD 001 charges to popular countries using "HomeTel" in the below table. Please click here for IDD charges of other countries.

Countries Dial to fixed-line
(charge per minute)
Call to mobile
(charge per minute)
China HK$0.23 HK$0.23
Canada HK$0.23 HK$0.23
Britain HK$0.23 HK$1.86
USA HK$0.23 HK$0.23
Australia HK$0.26 HK$1.86
Taiwan HK$0.28 HK$0.88
Q6 Are there any security measures to prevent the unauthorised use of IDD 001 on "HomeTel"?

Yes, you can avoid unauthorised use of IDD 001 by turning on the IDD password controls via our service hotline. Then follow the below steps to make an IDD calls with your 6-digit PIN. For new SmarTone customers, a 6-digit PIN will be assigned to you after service activation.

001+country code+destination number + follow voice instruction +6-digit homephone account password

Online Subscription

Q1 Which payment method is accepted for online subscription?
A1 Payment for the first month's fee must be made by credit card. For SmarTone customers, subsequent service fees will be charged to the SmarTone monthly bill following the current payment method. For non-SmarTone customers, the same credit card will be used for the first month's and subsequent months' service fees.
Q2 How can I know the online subscription is completed?
A2 A confirmation email will be sent to the registered email upon completion of service subscription.


Q1 What do I have to do if the WiFi Router or HomePlug needs repairing?
A1 Please download and print the installation form from My Account, bring it together with your WiFi Router or HomePlug to the designated service centres.
Q2 If the accessory I have purchased needs repairing, do I have to pay for it?
A2 There is a one-year warranty but after the warranty has expired, you will have to pay for the repair.
Q3 If the rental equipment needs repairing, do I have to pay for it?
A3 If the error/problem is caused by the network or the rental equipment itself, no fee will be charged.
Q4 Does the equipment belong to me?

The Fibre Broadband equipment for HomeFibre 500 and HomeFibre 1000 do not belong to the subscribers. Upon service termination, you must return the full set of ST Fibre Broadband equipment including the Optical Network Terminal (“ONT”), adaptor for ONT and Fibre Patch Cord to any SmarTone store within 14 days. If you request on-site collection, a collection fee of HK$300 will be charged. Depending on resources availability, some Home Basic Broadband 100 need to use Fiber-to-the-home technology, you must return the equipment if under this situation.

For any missing or damaged equipment, you will be charged the missing or damaged equipment individually (HK$1,500 for ONT; HK$100 for Adaptor; HK$50 for Fibre Patch Card; or HK$1,650 for the full set of equipment).

Q5 I want to relocate the service, how long will I have to wait for relocation and what is the relocation fee?
A5 The earliest installation date is the next working day after receiving your request pending on the availability of the technical team. A relocation fee of HK$400 will be charged.
Q6 How much does it cost if I want additional equipment and on-site services?

Please refer the charges of additional equipment, replacement equipment and additional services in the below table.

Additional and Replacement Equipment
Additional Wallplate with Installation Each unit – HK$250
Replacement of Optical Network Terminal "ONT" HK$1,500
Replacement of Optical Network Terminal – Adaptor HK$100
Replacement of Fibre Patch Cord HK$50
Replacement of HomeTel Box HK$700
Replacement of HomeTel Box Adaptor HK$100
Replacement of HomeTel Cables HK$50

Additional Services
On-site Checking Fee* Each service - HK$200
On-site Checking & Maintenance Fee* Each service - HK$400
Service Reconnection Fee (after suspension) HK$680
On-site Broadband Equipment Reconnection Fee HK$680
Cable Rewiring Fee HK$400
Relocation Fee (Broadband or Broadband & HomeTel) HK$400
Socket Relocation Fee Each unit – HK$250
On-site Equipment Collection Fee HK$300
Subsequent HomeTel Installation Fee HK$200
Change Telephone Number Fee HK$100

* Charges apply for cases where on-site checking or maintenance is required (except for any error/problem caused by the network or rental equipment)

Trouble Shooting

Q1 Why is my Internet connection so slow?

The actual speed of your broadband connection is affected by multiple factors: 

  • Running too many applications on your computer concurrently. Please close some opened applications that are not in use.
  • Multiple computers or Internet devices are simultaneously connected to the broadband router. The Internet access speed could be reduced because the broadband connection is shared by other computers or Internet devices.
  • Poor computer hardware or software performance. Please refer to your computer system configuration for recommended settings.
  • Poor WiFi signal reception due to the distance from the broadband router to Internet devices as well as interferences and physical obstacles. You may place your router near the centre of the house for better WiFi coverage in any direction to improve performance.